South Central Conference interim minister stepping down

When Douglas Anders retired as South Central Conference Minister last summer, the Rev. Anna Kreisle Humble was found to hold the office for the interim. In the United Church of Christ, Interim Ministry is the ministry provided to a local church or other ministry setting during a pastoral vacancy. A conference is much like a local church in times of transition. It needs to work through certain issues. Some of the tasks during the interim time may include:
– Coming to Terms with History
– Discovering a New Identity
– Allowing Needed Leadership Change
– Reaffirming Connections with the United Church of Christ
– Commitment to New Directions in Ministry

The Rev. Anna Kreisle Humble, interim conference minister of the South Central Conference of the United Church of Christ (Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi) has submitted the following letter of resignation:

“Dearest Friends of the South Central Conference,
With the heaviest of heart, I write this letter to tender my resignation, effective March 5, 2016. After much prayer and conversation with my husband, we have come the conclusion that my role has become too burdensome for me to finish out the final months of my contract. We have been grieved by the amount of hostility I have experienced since coming into my position. Still, I am at peace knowing that I worked tirelessly to put the wellbeing of children and the entire conference before my own professional gain. This ethic forced me to surface systemic ills that have made me a target, but my conscience, my pastoral covenant of confidentiality, and my faith simply would not allow me to do otherwise. I pray you understand.

I humbly ask for your forgiveness for any disappointment this may cause, and for any work that I have left undone. I want to sincerely thank all of those who believed in me and have shown me extraordinary kindnesses over the past seven months, and for the continued support of our Board of Directors. I know hiring a young woman took a leap of faith for many of you, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your faith in me. I mourn that I was not able to stay and use my gifts, but I look forward to stepping away to spend more time being a mother to my two precious children.

I ask that you please join me in prayer for our South Central Conference Board of Directors in this next chapter, who has so impressed me at our retreat this January with their integrity, their work ethic, and their deep desire to do what is best for you and Christ’s Church. I also ask you to pray for all the pastors, congregations, and saints that make up our South Central Conference of the United Church of Christ. I wish God’s peace upon each one of you.

Peace be with you,

Rev. Anna Kreisle Humble
Interim Conference Minister
South Central Conference
United Church of Christ”

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