Confirmation Camp at Slumber Falls

Our confirmation class spent this past weekend at Slumber Falls Camp. Here are three perspectives of how they experienced their time there:

The experience was very educational. They helped us understand better the many different relationships people could have with God. Now we go out in the world and see that. Overall I liked going here because they made us feel like a family, even though we didn’t know each other. We were not different individual people, we were a community.

This weekend at Slumber Falls I learned about the four different Gods. There’s Authoritative God, distant God, Critical God, and Benevolent God. Each Person has a different view of God and those are the four ways that people see God. I also learned how to be an member of the Church and to be helpful in my community. I also really enjoyed the other activities we did and I feel like they brought me closer to God.

My experience here at Slumber Falls was a good one because I got to meet new people. I also got to learn new things such as the 4 different gods and which one I believe in most. The overall experience was fun especially when we got to sit around the fire and talk and make s’mores! But sadly it all has to come to an end.

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