Holy Week

Holy Week is right around the corner. This year our services all circle around meals.

On Thursday, April 13, at 6 pm, the Brotherhood will provide soup & salad for our Maundy Thursday Service. This is the most obvious meal service. The Thursday before Easter reminds us of the last supper that Jesus had before he was killed. It takes us back to the even more ancient Passover tradition of Jesus’s Jewish heritage. And like any good murder mystery dinner it even raises questions like, “who is going to have our friend killed?”. Please join us for a tasty, meaningful evening around the dinner table.

On Friday, April 14, at 11:30 am, the Guild will provide a luncheon before our noon Good Friday Service. On the day of Jesus’s crucifixion the church has traditionally fasted which means particularly abstained from eating meat. Since the Son of God shed all his blood that day, we do not need to add to the bloodshed today. We will eat and then transition into a very solemn service that consists of stripping the sanctuary of all its joyful elements, leaving a dead room, just as Jesus died.

Everything comes full-circle on Easter morning. The eggs to which we said our good-byes on Mardi Gras come back in the form of Easter Eggs. The Easter breakfast and Easter Egg Hunt at 09:00 on Easter Morning, Sunday, April 16, remind us that life and joy have returned that day. The sanctuary is restored with all its symbols of life and joy. The gloria returns to songs of praise. Rich foods and rich life are back again. Also, the St. John’s United Church of Christ Children’s Choir has practiced a couple of songs that they are going to perform celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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