Christmas Message

UCC Executive Minister, the Rev. James Moos, discusses in his Christmas message why we call ourselves a “united” church:

Hi! I’m Jim Moos, Associate General Minister of the United Church of Christ. We call ourselves a united church and yet we make that bold claim in the midst of a very divided world. What’s the basis of our unity, what is it that holds us together? Foundational for us is the love of God which was incarnated in the Christ child whose birth we anticipate and celebrate during this sacred season. May we live in the light of that unity and love not just now in this season, but at all times. Let us be united in our families for in Christ we are all children of God. As we worship and serve in our churches, let us be united in love, for we are all members of the body of Christ. Let us live in love and unity with people of other traditions, for the good news of a great joy comes not to us only but to all people. And as nations, let us live together in peace, knowing that for unto us a child is born who is the Prince of Peace. In the midst of all our diversity may we live with this love and this unity at all seasons, at all times. God bless you, and Merry Christmas!

Come and celebrate Christmas with us in Rosenberg, Texas! On Sunday, December 23rd we will have a German/English service with nativity play at 10 am. And on Christmas Eve our 6 pm service will feature the traditional candle-lighting.

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