Reflection: Strengthen the Church Offering

BELOVED OF GOD, GREETINGS! Each Pentecost, we celebrate the church as we have known it, the church we are, and the church that we can be, together. We lean on the story of connecting across difference and listen to the languages of hope spoken in the name of God. We are so grateful to be connected with your church in covenant, each of us seeking to build a just world for all, leaning closer to the world that God imagines for our communities. One of the ways our covenant is lived out tangibly is through the Strengthen the Church offering! Your past support of the Strengthen the Church offering is greatly appreciated. Through this offering, your congregation contributed to the continued expansion and revitalization of the United Church of Christ. As called for by the General Synod, 50 percent of your offering stays in your local conference, and 50 percent is sent to the national work of strengthening the church universal: through grants towards new church starts, inspiring youth and young adults into leadership, and equipping pastors for ministry in the 21st century. Please join us in common mission, vision, and purpose by taking up the Strengthen the Church offering on June 9th, 2019! Your promotional materials are enclosed. Additional resources can be ordered through UCC Resources and found at

WE HAVE CHOSEN TO ACT ON THE BELIEF the Church is most like the Church when it is rooted in the gospel, remembering the worship in the sanctuary and present in the streets, the City Council chambers, the State House and the places of power witnessing to the message of Love and Justice. Your support of our ministry emboldens, empowers and allows us to step out in faith. We are grateful beyond words—both for the money and for the faith and prayers the money represents, without which we would not be able to do our work. Thanks be to God! — Rev. Dr. Rebecca Voelkel, Center for Sustainable Justice at Lyndale

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