A Pastoral Message and A Call to Prayer

Dear Church Family,

On Wednesday of this week we witnessed in horror the assault on our Capitol, “The People’s House” and our “Temple of Democracy”, while the Congress gathered to fulfill its Constitutional Duty, the counting of the Electoral Votes. I believe and know that all of us remain profoundly shaken, as we ponder the peril of that moment and of our future . A sense of dread dawned upon many of us, who up to Wednesday felt we can and will pull ourselves back from the brink. After Wednesday the question has become “how do we now move forward to face the truth and heal our nation?”

We have to remember that the power of prayer never wanes and never fails. Prayer is a cry from within the soul lifted up to God for whom nothing is impossible. “But Jesus looked at them and said, For mortals it is impossible, but for God all things are possible.”(Matthew 19:26) Prayer is not an abdication of our responsibility to do all that we can to work day and night for the healing and unity of our nation. It is instead our first responsibility and duty. We start with prayer. We start with our belief that “for God all things are possible.”

Today we pray for the five families who lost loved ones as a result of what happened on Wednesday. We hold them in our hearts. We pray for all our leaders. May they turn to God to understand how love and justice works when it takes root in the hearts of men and women. And we pray for all the people of our country, without exception. We pray that no one will lose faith and the determination to do what is right and courageous. Violence and vandalism are never the right and courageous thing to do.

Tomorrow I will speak to what we collectively witnessed and now face, as I offer the continuation of my sermon on the Epiphany story found in Matthew 2:1-12. Let us remain faithful in this dark hour, for the Light of God overcomes the darkness.

Love and Peace,

Pastor Felix Carrion

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