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miss-kansas-theresa-vail-teaches-proper-shooting-techniques-at-the-bb-gun-range (Photo BSA)

We all share the common goal of keeping all God’s children safe. Since churches are by state law no longer places where weapons are prohibited we need to set policies for ourselves. We have had this conversation since these changes became known last year. We have had several rounds of honest conversations on the topic and we determined it is best to work on the weapons issue in the context of a broader safety and emergency planning.

“Be dressed for action and have your lamps lit” (Luke 12:35)
As a Christian community we are called to be prepared. On a very practical level our congregational leadership has recognized that we are entirely unprepared for all kinds of disasters: How do we respond to a hurricane? What happens in case of a fire? How do we respond to an active shooter?

Whatever disaster may strike it will most likely not only affect our church but also Living Word Ministries Inc. and New Covenant Fellowship. All leaders and members of our congregations are invited to join us in learning together how we can prepare ourselves. On Tuesday, April 19th, at 6pm, Alan Spears from the Fort Bend County Office of Emergency Management will be making a presentation on emergency preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation at St. John’s United Church of Christ. If one of our facilities sustains damage, neighbors may be able to help out with storage and worship space. “If one part hurts, every other part is involved in the hurt, and in the healing.” (1 Corinthians 12:26)

The question of firearms is not primarily a Sunday issue but especially crucial throughout the week. How do we make sure rentals are handled in compliance with our safety standards? How do we inform outside groups that use our facilities? Despite the changes in Texas Law the Guide to Safe Scouting remains unchanged: “Except for law enforcement officers required to carry firearms within their jurisdiction, firearms shall not be brought on camping, hiking, backpacking, or other Scouting activities except those specifically planned for target shooting under the supervision of a currently certified BSA national shooting sports director or National Rifle Association firearms instructor.”

Whenever Scouts meet in our facilities or participate in our programs, no firearms are allowed in our buildings. But then how do we treat our non-scouting children and youth programs?

Please join us for an evening of getting prepared together. Everybody may learn something for their homes and families as well.

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