Catch the Wave of God’s Amazing Grace

This year’s Vacation Bible School is all about water. We will transform our church into an ocean of excitement as Surfers and Lifeguards glide through surfer–themed music, crafts, recreation, Bible stories, and more! It will run from June 27 through July 1, from 9 am to 12 noon.

The story on Wednesday will be Jesus’s Baptism. That is where the book of worship reminds us of the deep wells from which our faith springs:
“We thank you, God, for the gift of creation called forth by your saving Word. Before the world had shape and form, your Spirit moved over the waters. Out of the waters of the deep, you formed the firmament and brought forth the earth to sustain all life.
In the time of Noah, you washed the earth with the waters of the flood, and your ark of salvation bore a new beginning.
In the time of Moses, your people Israel passed through the Red Sea waters from slavery to freedom and crossed the flowing Jordan to enter the promised land.
In the fullness of time, you sent Jesus Christ, who was nurtured in the water of Mary’s womb.
Jesus was baptized by John in the water of the Jordan, became living water to a woman at the Samaritan well, washed the feet of the disciples, and sent them forth to baptize all the nations by water and the Holy Spirit.”

How do you keep the excitement of your Baptism alive?

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