“The Story of Joey” as told by Rae Harborth

Somewhere between 1973 and 1975 a young 2 year old boy, very quiet, reserved, that could hardly speak and so weak that he could barely stand and could not walk was brought to St. John’s Day School to Director Rae Harborth by his foster parents to see if she could help him. This little boy’s name was Joey.

Due to weakness in his overall body, he could barely stand and had to be carried everywhere he went. He was so malnourished that he had to be fed small portions of food throughout the day in order for him to keep food down. He was so dirty that she gave him a bath in the restroom sink and he screamed and screamed from not knowing what was being done to him. He screamed so much that when walking out of the restroom with him wrapped in a towel, Rev. Don Kolkmeier had come out of his office to check and see what was happening to one of the children.

But over time, for maybe up to a year, with constant care and love Joey slowly began to eat better and slowly began to stand on his own and then take steps and walk without assistance down the hallway and finally could even run the halls of the St. John’s Education wing.

As time has gone by Rae wonders what ever became of little Joey. He came here but a tiny dependent boy in need of love and care but left here running and smiling. As she says, “We can make a difference” as she feels the recent CROP Walk for Hunger makes a difference in the lives of so many in need.

If you know how we can find Joey please contact us!

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